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A3DP closed loop step/servo drives N23

A3DP closed loop step/servo drives N23

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Advanced 3d Printing llc now offers a customized step/servo solution to allow us to have a Pnp setup that won't hold us back and allows for almost endless performance to be unlocked with simple software upgrades. When Daleguard finishes his upgrades to klipper we will have an even more amazing solution but these already today are a substantial upgrade for most 3d printers. We have  software configs that work with almost every board if needed and are willing to diversify the lineup to support any machine that is found to not work "Think closed loop extruder control in lightweight power dense form factor"

The Performance of a high-end servo/stepper drive integrated into a plug-and-play setup for 3d printing. No need for high voltage unless you want it.  Most comparable cost solutions have a 1000-line encoder which provides 4000 counts per revolution. This is with quad encoding of the 1000 positions on the optical disc. Their are some more expensive options with a 2500 line encoder providing 10000 cpr and obviously with increased cost the sky is the limit. The A3dp-4817 modbus-enabled motor has a 16384 position encoder and with current implementation we are achieving 4096 steps per rotation "The motor has no prob going full 16384 once Klipper and rrf catch up. With 20 tooth gt2 pulleys this is providing a resolution of .009mm that actually holds true vs the best case for a Nema 23 motor which is .05 at quarter stepping and the higher the load the more deviation until step loss. The problem is a standard stepper needs lag "deviation to generate torque " so in position it has 0 torque and then its rated torque is only achieved when the rotor angle is about to jump to the next step position . So at full torque a standard stepper is deviating .2mm right before step loss.

All-in -one solution
Easy setup, high reliability
Built-in motion commands
RS485 modbus
Enhanced compact design

These will work with any printer that uses stepsticks "tmc 2208/2209/2130/5160 etc or Allegro based designs" They also can work with any mcu with open gpio pins or differential outputs or external stepper support.

Preloaded firmware setup for 3d printing not a repurposed cnc solution . These are ready to install and wires will be available for purchase just make sure to note the length you want and what motherboard and I can setup a harness for you up to 2 meters in length


Super strong magnets inside allow for the best of the both worlds so no step loss , silent operation at speeds below 400mms “depending on gantry weight can be up to 600mms” and the robust holding torque we are used to while not sacrificing high speed performance.

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