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A3dp HueForge Chrominal PLA Filament

A3dp HueForge Chrominal PLA Filament

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Chrominal PLA Filament by HueForge & A3DP

What is Chrominal?

When HueForge came along, no one even knew what Transmission Distance (TD) was. Chrominal is the first and currently only filament on the market that has guaranteed TD and color consistency not only throughout a roll but also from roll to roll 

Chrominal changes that. Developed to Steve’s specifications (the creator of HueForge), Chrominal was created with consistent TD in mind. And it was created to “fill in the gaps” in available filaments.

A curated collection of difficult or impossible to find color and TD combinations, Chrominal filament offers HueForge users the tools they need to elevate their art to the next level. Each spool has been created while capturing data on a TD-1 and is guaranteed to be consistent throughout the spool.

Color Details

  • Chestnut Brown - Warm brown tones layering smoothly over a dark base leading to smooth transitions from shadow to brown. Ideal for both bark and skin tones as well as warm shadows.
  • Shadow Gray - Cool dark gray smoothly blending from black and giving depth and dimension to shadowy regions. Say goodbye to hard transitions and too bright grays for your Black and White work.
  • Penumbra Gray - A gray haze. Great for muting colors when used sparingly or smooth shadowed regions in portraits and Black and White photographs. An expert’s filament which requires careful use of Brightness Compensation to maximize potential.
  • Serpents Green - A green haze or smoothly blended deep green hue  Notes of deep foliage, green glass, and tinted colors. Pairs well with blues to make smoothly blending Teals.
  • Deep Sea Blue - A utility dark blue. Easy to saturate or blend. Notes of cool shadows and deep fabrics. Pairs well with Serpent Green and white to form hard to find lighter shades when used sparingly.


  • Material: Genuine Natureworks 4043D PLA
  • Nozzle Temp: 200-220C
  • Bed Temp: 55-60C
  • Filament Diameter: 1.75mm ± 0.01mm
  • TD Variance: <10% (higher TD colors will have the most variance due to manufacturing constraints)


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