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Benefits of 3DXMAX® PC-ABS:

  • Sturdy parts with durable qualities from PC and printability from ABS
  • Easier to print than Polycarb, yet tougher than ABS
  • Improved thermal properties, ductility, and impact resistance
  • Amorphous structure giving it lower, near isotropic shrinkage
  • Beautiful low-gloss surface finish helps hide layer lines and makes highly technical-looking printed parts

  • Recommended Print Settings:

    • Extruder: 270-290°C
    • Bed Temp: 110-120°C
    • Bed Prep: Magigoo Bed Prep Adhesive or 3DXTECH Polyimide Tape gives us the best results
    • Heated Chamber: Recommended, a chamber helps reduce warping and improves layer adhesion
    • Supports: Water soluble AquaTek X1 USM works ideal for complex parts.
    • Drying Instructions: 110°C for 4 hours.
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